• OLGA 501 L LX

    Olga 501L is the best solution for reduced spaces, thanks to ducting system it allows to heat several rooms, in the best comfort, saving and ecological way. The model Olga 501 LX the model is completed by a mirror glass to furnish and emotions your rooms.

  • MILLY 515 S

    The original design and the beauty of its particular makes Milly a beautiful furnishing element.

  • MONELLA 930

    Lincar present an import restyling on Monella, thanks to its great success on the market, we redesigned it expressing the best of its charm in a modern and trendy style

  • LOLA 540 VT (VENTILATED pellet stove )

    Lola boiler VENTILATED pellet stove , practical and efficient,fully automatic and programmable, it allows to warm every room of your home in an economic way.